Concord's Number 1 Smog Station.

What we do ?

As Concord's number one smog check location, The Smog Center offers luxury service at budget pricing. As you pull up to Smog Center's grandiose entry, one of our master technicians will take over, welcoming you to our comfortable facility, whereyou can take advantage of all of the services that we offer, while your car is checked.

Why Choose Us ?

When asked why they chose us, almost all of our customers give the same answer: Reputation. That has been our greatest asset through these years as our customers have consistently referred their friends and family to us, showing appreciation of what we believe is a commitment to community,

Our Pricing

Pass Or Don't Pay!

What Makes Us Stand Out ?

Speedy Service

Our staff has been specially trained to consider timeliness a top priority. From the minute you enter The Smog Center, until your last minute here, we make sure to work as efficiently as possible to get you back to your normal schedule.

Affordable Prices

We are sure that you cannot find pricing that can even compete with ours. We cut costs at every step of the process, without cutting performance. That is why we can proudly proclaim that, unlike others in this industry, we have no hidden fees and have not raised our pricing in a decade.

Great Support

If, in an unfortunate turn of events, for some reason, your car does not pass its check, we do not charge you a cent so that you can come back and eventually pass with us.

Satisfied Customers

Whenever you walk into The Smog Center, whether it's rain or shine outside, everyone here is ready to serve you with a smile. That smile stands for the passion we have for our work and our community.